Ibagué, the music capital of Colombia

Music not only sound in Ibagué, there, music sounds, lives and can be felt from every single corner of this Colombian city located in the centre of the country, capital of Tolima’s department. Not in vain it is known as the music capital of Colombia, a name given in 1886 by the Count Gabriac, a French traveller that fell in love with the region, its cultural atmosphere and its music, which he wrote about in its chronicles published in Europe.

We may say that the title of music capital came from there, but the truth is that Ibagué has always kept a strong bind with music, a passion instilled among the locals at a very young age and it’s kept alive thanks to the numerous festivals, concerts and other periodical activities they celebrate.

Photo: http://www.colombia.com

Photo: http://www.colombia.com

One of the main references is the Colombian folklore festival celebrated every year during June, it is one of the most important musical events of the country, if not the greater, where musicians from across the country gather to show the different types of music of each region. Besides being able to know all these musical performances, you can also enjoy the dances, the music workshops and different kind of activities related to the Colombian folklore music.

But in Ibagué music goes further, the streets are live reflect of how important is music here, since you can find monuments and mementos of famous musicians in its plazas. You can also find iconic buildings dedicated to music in the city, like the conservatory of Tolima founded in 1906 where many famous artist have been educated.

Without a doubt, Ibagué is an interesting destination if you travel to Colombia, especially if you are a music lover because when you discover this beautiful city you discover the real tradition and dedication of Colombian music.

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